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Skylar & Zack in the Mountains

Zack at Sunset

Zack at the Waterfall

Abby in the Mountains

Abby in the Woods

Abby at Sunset

Abby in Portrait

Abby at Waterfall

Zack in Snow

Skylar in Snow


Abby at the Confederate Memorial Carving, Stone Mountain

Abby at Store at Stone Mountain Park

Zack Laying in his back yard.

Abby sitting in the woods in her back yard.

Abby laying in the woods in her back yard.

Abby ponders the Mysteries of the Universe.

All The Dogs at the Lake 8/9/02
Skylar 11/26/01Welcome to our 3 dogs' web page. Skylar and Zack are two Golden Retrievers who were litter mates born on December 10, 1992. Skylar came to live with us when she was 6 weeks old and Zack came a year and a half later. They are both wonderful dogs and have well learned the routine of the household. Abby is a black Great Dane and came to live with us June 30, 2001. She is a rescue dog so very little is known about her background.

Skylar is female and is the athlete of the family. At every opportunity, she orders one of the human family members to throw the tennis ball to her. (It's her favorite thing). Skylar is very well mannered and lets her human family members show their friends what a well trained dog she is. She is nice enough to Zack to let him think he is the Alpha Dog (although she will take her tennis ball away from him if he has the nerve to pick it up). Skylar loves attention from anyone. Her favorite things are her tennis ball, people, going for walks, riding in the car, playing "Find the Ball", nylabones, and food. Skylar got her CGC last year and is very proud of that accomplishment. When her Dad teaches dog training classes, Skylar makes a wonderful demo dog and loves showing what she can do.

Zack 11/26/01Zack is much more laid back than Skylar. His favorite thing to do is to lay in the yard and watch Skylar chase tennis balls. He is the man of the family and very dignified. Zack likes to play "Find the Ball" which is a game we play where Dad hides the ball in the house and Skylar and Zack take turns finding it. He also loves to play fight with Abby, his new Great Dane sister. She is much larger but he figures since she is a girl, he can handle her and USUALLY does. More on Abby below.

Although they are starting to show their advancing age, both dogs are very happy as you can see from their pictures. They are both healthy and active with Skylar chasing tennis balls and Zack wrestling with Abby. Skylar tore a ligament in her right knee on December 5, 2001 and had surgery December 14, 2001 to repair it. Hopefully she will be as good as new in the next few weeks.

Skylar and Zack starred in two newspaper ads in October, 1996. The ads were for their groomer and ran in two local newspapers. Their Mom and Dad of course were very proud of them.

* * * * * *
We sadly announce that our beloved Zack died peacefully on the morning of
November 1, 2004. He was a wonderful friend and companion and will be missed very much.

* * * * * *

Once again we have to sadly announce that our wonderful Skylar joined her brother Zack in death on a sunny afternoon, February 7, 2005. She layed her head down and went to sleep in the arms of her Mom and Dad. She also will be terribly missed.

* * * * * *

Abby 12/01/01

This is Abby. She is a rescue dog and very little is known about her background. She is a very regal looking black Great Dane. Her birthday is estimated to be May, 2000. She is a wonderful loving big girl that weighs 125 pounds and is about 33 inches tall at the shoulder.

It took a period of adjustment, but Abby is now part of the "pack". She gets along with everyone in the family and particularly loves wrestling with Zack. Being much younger than the other two, she has a ton more energy. She still has lots of "puppy stuff" in her that occasionally causes problems because the rest of the family is beginning to age pretty quickly. This is not a real big problem because one "EH! EH!" and she gets control of herself and calms down pretty quickly.

Abby came to us from a very nice lady in north Georgia whose name is Jeannie Holder. Jeannie is a wonderful friend of all Great Danes.

Abby died in February 2012. She was a wonderful companion and we miss her a lot.

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